Archival Pieces Stone Bowls, Mortars, & Cups pg 1  
Item: HS328    *NEW*
Description: Outstanding Prehistoric Sandstone Mortar - This outstanding Prehistoric Mortar averages about 18 inches outside diameter and 10 inches inside diameter.  It weighs 80 pounds.  It was found in the fall of 2016 by a young man named Marty who was hiking in an area on the Western side of Elliott County, Kentucky where Beech Creek runs into Devil's Fork Creek.  The Mortar was found in the woods partially buried upside down next to a tree.  This young man carried or rolled the mortar about 1/2 mile to where he was staying.  It has some neat tool marks remaining along the rim and one of the features I found interesting was one nutting dimple near the edge when turned upside down.  Ex- Monty & Jewdy Pennington


Size: 18 x 9 inches, 10 inches diameter inside,  weighs 80 lbs
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Item: HS283    *NEW*
Description: Super Siltstone or Fine Grained Sandstone Paint Cup - Recovered from a Shelter in Simpson County, Kentucky 


Size: 2 1/8 x 1 1/16 inches
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Item: HS209     *NEW*
Description: Hematite Hopewell Paint Cup - Here is a rarely nice Hopewell Paint Cup made from Hematite.  It is well worn around the rim and gouged out nice and deep.  It is well polished over the entire outside and over and inside the rim.  Ex- Tom Davis Collection.  Ex- Monty & Jewdy Pennington 


Size: 1 3/4 x 1 13/16 x 1 1/8 inches
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Item: HS117  Quite Rare
Description: Kentucky Steatite / stone Bowl w/ nutting dimple- I believe that this Unusual piece is made of a low grade Steatite, but it may be some other stone.  It was found in Fayette County, Kentucky.  It is quite heavy, weighing in at almost 4 pounds.  The INTERESTING part of this bowl is that it has a "Nutting Dimple" on the bottom side like you would find in a nutting stone from this area. (see photos) The inside of the bowl shows much use as it is fairly smooth. (see photos)  The outside surface is "pecked" into shape. (see photos).  This piece was purchased in a group of artifacts on a board which hung in Green's Filling Station on Harrodsburg Road in Lexington, KY, where Ramsey's Diner now stands, from around 1940 until around 1974.  It was then purchased by Prewitt Breeze. Ex- Prewitt Breeze Collection, Ex- Monty Pennington


Size: 6 1/8 long x 4 5/8 w x 3 1/8 h inches
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Archival Pieces Stone Bowls, Mortars, & Cups pg. 1  

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