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Item: FM175   *NEW*    FOUND AT MORGAN'S STATION around 1930
Description: Historic Boot Knife or Dagger - This FINE Historic Knife was recovered from the site of historic Morgan's Station around 1930 by Elijah Groves.  The guard is "forge welded to the blade.  The blade has had a "touch mark" at one time just above the guard, but corrosion has made any significance illegible.  The handle is made of rolled metal that has been applied over the tang and filled with lead.  This is a very nice knife from the period (late 1700's to early 1800's).  Mr. Elijah Groves farmed the site of Morgan's Station in the late 1920's and 1930's.  Elijah was born on Aug. 27, 1897 and died on July 6, 1974.  His Marker can be found in the Crown Hill Cemetery in Bath County, KY.  Morgan's Station, located in present day Montgomery County, Kentucky was an early outpost or settlement in Kentucky.  Ralph Morgan established the station in February 1789 and it was the site of the LAST Indian Raid in Kentucky on April 1st, 1793.  In this raid, 19 women and children were captured.  12 of these prisoners were later killed during their captors flight from their pursuers.  There was also found on this site by Mr. Groves, a French Coin dated prior to 1790.   A very Nice Early Dagger or Knife.  Ex- David Dotson, Ex- Monty & Jewdy Pennington


Size: 8 1/16 x 2 5/16 inches
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Item: FM172    *NEW*          Tom Davis COA - G10
Description: Historic Trade Point - Here is a very nice Historic Trade Point.  It was found in Wayne County, KY by a utility crew setting a telephone pole.  It comes with a Tom Davis COA grading it a G-10.  Ex-  Claude H. McCartt Collection


Size: 5 3/8 x 1 inches
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Archival Pieces Historic pg. 1  

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