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Item: FP561    *NEW*
Description: Big & Rare Dover Chert Fluted Redstone - This Big Redstone is made from highly patinated Dover Chert.  It was out of a middle Tennessee collection.  It has very nice flaking.  It is Fluted on both sides.  It has very nice symmetry.  At some point, the ancients had snapped the tip off, but continued to use this big Paleo.  There is "use wear" along the edges of the break!  I very nice, big example of a rare typology! 


Size: 3 5/16 x 1 3/8 inches
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Item: FP527    *NEW*       Rare Redstone - Tom Davis COA - G10   
Description: Beautiful Georgia Fluted Redstone - Here is a beautiful Redstone with nice symmetry and shape.  It is fluted on both sides and has nice flaking.  It is from the Flint River in Georgia.  It comes with a Tom Davis COA grading it a G10.  Ex- Monty & Jewdy Pennington


Size: 2 5/8 x 1 inches
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Item: FP424    *NEW*
Description: Fluted RedStone - Here is an Indiana Fluted Paleo that I don't know what to call besides a Redstone.  It is fluted on both sides.  Made of a material that I know is in the Midwest Chert types, Probably Kanwha Chert or maybe Nellie Chert if I remember my Converse right.   Ancient ear ding.  Ex- Monty & Jewdy Pennington


Size: 1 3/4 x 1 inches
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Item: FP355    *NEW*     Comes with 2 COA's 
Description: Rare Fluted Redstone -  This Rare Paleo was found in Lauderdale County, Alabama and made of Tan & Gray Fort Payne Chert.  It has multiple flutes and termination fractures on both sides.  It is well made, thin, and has very good symmetry.  It is flaked very nicely.  It comes with both a Dwayne Rogers Certificate & one from John Berner of American Artifacts.  Two of the best known names in Authenticators of Prehistoric Artifacts today.  Ex- Dwayne Brown, Ex- Theron Johnson


Size: 3 1/4 x 1 1/2 inches
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Item: FP170  * NEW *   *RARE* Type   TOM DAVIS COA
Description: FANTASTIC Boyle Chert Redstone -  Here is a Beautiful Piece of highly collectible Boyle Chert.  This rare Redstone was found across from the Wal-Mart in Winchester, in Clark County, KY . It is one of the most colorful pieces of Boyle Chert you will see.  The hafting area is Well Ground.  It has a deep auriculate base that is also well ground.  It is fluted 3/4's of its length on one side and a little under half on the other side with well defined flutes.  If not for an ancient ding to one side of the base, this piece would have been a VERY high end piece with all its color.   It comes with a Tom Davis COA grading it a G-7 Pictured in Overstreet # 11 on page # 498.  Ex- Tom Davis, Ex- Monty Pennington
Size: 2 11/16 x 1 1/4 inches
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Description:   Carter Cave Redstone - (tan & pink) Found in Touristville area, near Mill Springs, Kentucky in Wayne County.  I am the 2nd person to own this piece besides the farmer who surface found it on his property.  Fluted on both sides & nicely ground.  A true "investment" artifact.  Comes with a Tom Davis COA - G9, and a Bill Jackson COA "Jackson called it a Cumberland", which I disagree with, however there are 2 certificates of authenticity on this fine piece.  This Redstone is pictured in Overstreet # 10, page 471.
Size: 2 11/16  x 1 inch
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Archival Pieces Redstone pg. 1  

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