Archival Pieces Rose Springs pg 1  
Item: FW331    *NEW*
Description: Rose Springs -  Small Black Rose Springs


Size: 1 1/16 x 7/16 inches
Price: $ SOLD                (Click Here to View more Photos)
Item: FM238    *NEW*          From Jewdy's Private Collection 
Description: Rose Springs - This is a very Fine arrow point that Jewdy is releasing from her personal collection.  It was found in Oregon.  It is highly translucent and very finely flaked.  It has perfect symmetry and is Very thin!  Ex- Jewdy Pennington


Size: 1 13/16 x 7/8 inches
Price: $ SOLD                (Click Here to View more Photos)
Item: FM128  * NEW *   Classic to Historic Period Oregon
Description: Rose Springs, East Gate, or Wallula Gap -  Here is an absolutely Fantastic Gem Point.  It is made of a BEAUTIFUL piece of Mahogany Obsidian.  (see photos)  It is VERY thin and very well flaked.  It has a needle tip and very nice ears and stem.  This one is right on the size to be either a Rose Springs OR an East Gate.  East Gates are more of a Basal Notch, but this one is in between.  Some people call ones like this "Rosegates".  It may also be a very nice Wallula Gap but this piece is VERY thin.  I will let you decide.  This fine Gem point was papered by Ben Stermer, but the paper has been lost. It was found in Oregon.   Ex- Shane Pendergrass, Ex- Monty Pennington


Size: 1 3/8 x 11/16 inches
Price: $ SOLD               (Click Here to View more Photos)
Archival Pieces Rose Springs pg. 1  

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